The Texas Legislature’s special session ended with the passing of a voting bill that purports to defend against voter fraud, of which there is zero evidence.

I would ask Governor Abbott why there was not a special session called to address the electric grid problems in Texas that occurred last winter. 

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Bob Moore

TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP. This deranged syndrome of some people who continue it mention him are losing it. He's not President and probably will never be again, but some people have dreams and nightmare's that just keep that pipe smoking. Change what's in your pipe. LOL


I see Abbott is now going to waste taxpayer money on a 2020 audit of the elections. I guess he didn't have the courage to stand up to Trump who demanded we audit an election the US Attorney General (which Trump appointed) said was free and fair. Guess our governor is a weak man with no good .character attributes

Bob Moore

Mr Conger. My statement stands about Mrs Rodriquez. However it seems to me through your comment back. You've got some serious problems. Have a nice day.


Abbott had no evidence of voter fraud. He repeatedly lied about about voter fraud in the 2020 elections. If his lying statements were true...he obviously would have attacked his critiques with evidence supporting his lies. He didn't...because he's a liar. Governor Gregg Abbott is a liar. That's fact and supported by his lack of evidence proving his inaccurate statements.

Bob Moore

Mr Conger,

While I don't disagree with your electrical issue I must ask, why'd you got off script. Legislation was past to protect all Americans who are registered legally. I hope you'll agree that requiring to show valid identity to vote should be done. I can't speak for your unproven point of voter fraud but I can speak about Raquel Rodriquez as reported by ABC and San Antonio Express News charged "with voter fraud" and I might add she's represented by the former DA of San Antonio I'm sure of which she could not pay for. Puzzling! I am very glad to see that election integrity was handled. I would just like to see more done at the border a continuing problem (off script). I was glad to see however those with the company hired to keep our electrical grid operating fired and resigned. In my opinion we're to dependant on the "green" energy. It sure was a wake up call to all of us.


Bob Moore

Mr. Conger,

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