I consider New Braunfels my hometown. I am very proud of it. But lately, I have begun to think that there is a weakness in New Braunfels that we are mistaking for strength.

There have been several reported incidents of members of the Trump Train shouting racial slurs and their social media has included threats to minority citizens. I can produce evidence of each of these things. Members of the Trump Train coordinated a visit to a business in the town’s Gruene Historical District, a major source of income for our tourism industry, to yell and intimidate the store owners to drop their coronavirus mask policy, in front of other customers. 

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Richard Johnson

I saw the video. The SUV crossed into the lane where the black truck was driving. All it took for the truck driver to be is startled and looking at the SUV to cause the driver to swerve towards the SUV. (Normal for anyone to accidently swerve in the direction they are looking at, especially when they are startled.)

So, the Biden SUV was obviously the one in the wrong there, at least that is exactly what the video showed.

As to the Trump train surrounding the Biden bus, well note, the Biden bus had political advertising on it. Counter advertising in any election is normal and expected. They had just as much right to display their Trump flags as the Biden bus had to display the placqueards on the sides of the bus.


The widely-read German newspaper Die Zeit recently featured the Trump Train incident on I-35 at the top of its front page. German friends have asked us what is wrong with New Braunfels. Is this the image we want to project internationally?

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