Part of being a good writer is to be a good reader so I have to start out this week by apologizing to you — my loyal readers — for taking my eye off the ball and being insensitive to your concerns. Evidently, while I was rambling on about important things like McRib Sandwiches and Pepe LePew, you guys found something really important to get upset about. Pillows.

I had a really good column lined up on the metaphysical aspects of the new “Godzilla vs. Kong” film that’s coming out but if you guys want to talk about pillows then here we go — but first we have to look at some facts and I know some of you people hate facts like vampires hate sunshine. Once again, I am forced to beg for your indulgence. Pour a little bourbon on your breakfast cereal and I’ll try to make this fast.

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Jack McKinney

So, Chuck, I guess your argument is that depending on a person’s political alignment we should overlook the violation of consumer protection laws and sales tax liability?


A few more “facts” for you Jack. My Pillow had an A+ rating at the BBB in 2016 when Mike Lindell came out as a solid supporter of newly elected President Trump. In 2017 BBB changed their rating to an F. The lawsuits in 2016- 2017 were filed in states like California and New York. I’m sure the states had no political animosity towards a visible celebrity that is a Christian, Conservative, and a Trump supporter! New York’s law suit claimed that My Pillow did not collect sales tax amounting to $537,000 on internet and phone sales in the state of New York. I started buying on the internet around that same time and most companies did not charge sales tax for out of state sales. I’m not sure what the sales tax was in New York from 2011 to 2015, the period for the New York claim, but if it was similar our ours, that is approximately $6.5 million worth of sales in New York. Pretty good for “just a lousy pillow”!


Jack, it’s time for your columns to be franchised nationwide, even though my mother told me not to laugh at stupid people ‘cause they can’t help it.

Donald TITUS

Negative article. Not worth reading.

Quincy Adams

To each his own. My wife and I both thought it was cleverly humorous. I would say one of his top 3.

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