Has our world gone completely crazy? Now H-E-B has decided to stop selling My Pillow products. This is a store my family has shopped with since I was a kid. I have gone to seminars at their family’s retreat camps. We have been loyal supporters of H-E-B when other competing stores entered our community. But now it has joined with Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and Wayfair to try to engineer the shutting down of a healthy business because they do not like the political views of its president.

Why should H-E-B and other organizations be in the business of hunting down businesspeople who they disagree with and seek to put them out of business? What about the collateral damage of the employees who lose their jobs and cannot support their families? In these difficult times, shouldn’t we be in the business of helping people to maintain their hard-earned businesses and being able to pay their employees? We are never going to put this divided country back together if we promote destroying those we disagree with.

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Jim Sohan

There is no “cancel culture” and even if there is, I don’t think this fits the definition. If you feel HEB is promoting unfounded conspiracy theories and falsehoods, while promoting the overthrow of a duly and fairly elected Government, go ahead and boycott HEB. If you can FACTUALLY prove this, I’ll join you in the boycott.

Richard Johnson

So, since it is cancel culture's finding that it OK to attack a manufacturer, thus destroying jobs of the employees, by going to the manufacturer's retail outlets and getting them to cancel their offering of the product by threatening boycott of the retail outlet, I guess it is OK for me to boycott that retail outlet because they submitted to the cancel culture group.

By the way, since HEB owns about 80% or better of local market, it will be fine to sue them as a consumer because they hold a defacto monopoly in this area. We need to put HEB out of business, putting their employees out of work like their management is putting the MyPillow employees out of work. So, total destruction is the operative word here. My money will go to another store. Bye, bye, HEB. Of course, we can cancel the cancel culture idiots and get on with life. Companies should totally ignore those groups. Once they get into the fray, they lose.

Jim Sohan

These companies decision to stop selling My Pillow products has nothing to do with the owners political views! They have to do with the owner spreading unfounded conspiracy theories and falsehoods, which threaten our Democracy! HEB and others have made the right decision!


Mr Gerhardt, you claim the right to use your purchasing power as a political tool; any privately-owned company possesses the same right. HEB is known in Texas as a positive member of the community and a reliable contributor to community-building organizations such as the scouts. We all rely on HEB not to offer drug paraphernalia, pornography or food items of doubtful origin. Like you, Mr Gerhardt, HEB may choose to eliminate a source of products because it disagrees with the political activities of that company's owners. If, as you say, HEB reacts "thumbs down" to the political activities of the My Pillow guy, that is a message Texans should seriously consider.

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