Ernie Wittwer

The wheels seem to have fallen off the country that I’ve known for the past seventy-plus years. The virus has sickened millions of people and killed more than 140,000. It’s projected to take in the range of triple that number by the end of the year. Our economy is in free fall. Millions of people lost their health insurance along with their jobs. Millions are now about to fall over another economic cliff as the expanded unemployment benefits and protections from evictions expire. As all of this is happening, our elected officials are consumed with silly, pointless, and completely non-productive arguments. 

Something that is almost as concerning—nothing could be more concerning than the prospect of 400,000 dead Americans---is the erosion of the rule of law. In a democratic society, laws are the agreement that we make with ourselves on what is and is not acceptable behavior. They protect us from each other and from the whims of elected officials. Without laws, supported by the vast majority of the people, we don't have a civilized society. 

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Del Loy

Rule Of Law? The rioters aren’t playing by the rules.

Richard Johnson

As someone that worked in Portland, Or for the City of Portland for 21 years, I can assure you that those protesters are destroying both public property,and private property. They by the reports and pictures are attacking using fire, rocks, and other things. They are in no way "peaceful". The extremely liberal local government keeps the local police from doing anything. Those Federal properties located on 4th, are Federal property. As is the park across the street from the Federal Building (Mark Hatfield building) Also, the Federal Government owns the street in between the Federal Court House and the Federal Building. (I worked for PDOT (PBOT as it is a bureau, not a department) so I know. They have every right and obligation to defend the federal property, and go after those that have damaged, or attacked those officers. Frankly, I think they are showing great restraint.

Jim Sohan

Richard, your response implies you haven’t lived in or worked for the City of Portland recently. We’ve got friends who currently live there and when asked what’s going on, they confirm exactly what Ernie describes. And, other than the immediate area around the court house, there really isn’t much of anything going on protest-wise. If you do still live there, it would be great to get you and those with a different viewpoint together on the same corner to observe what’s going. We could see if the two of you could come to a mutual agreement as to what is actually happening in real time. Maybe you’ll come to realize that an innocent non-violent protester was unfairly attacked, and maybe our friends can understand the perspective of having thousands of people standing in front of you that appear potentially threatening and you can’t really do anything about if they choose to truly become violent.

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