Having failed to win the popular vote before he took office and having been impeached while he was in office and now by joining the distinguished club of one-term presidents — Donald Trump has achieved the trifecta of loserdom. 

That’s all I’m going to say about it and I’m going to try to be a magnanimous guy who doesn’t gloat or cast aspersions on his detractors. I’m going to try really hard…

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Quincy Adams

Nate Silver, of 538 fame, is projecting Biden will win the popular vote by a margin of 4-6% after all the votes are counted. That translates into around 6.5M to 9.5M more votes for Biden. A majority blowout. To borrow parts of a phrase George Bush Jr made about the 2006 midterm outcome… Biden gave Trump a real “Thumpin”.

James Cunningham

Jack, found your thoughts very true and on target. We, as a nation must reengage with our allies. All political persuasions must come together to aid in conquering the Covid-19 pandemic with strong guidance and support at the Federal level. One can also hope, that our Congress will start the process of working across party lines to address national healthcare issues, infrastructure, trade, etc. In the long run, roadblocks serve no one and do great harm.

Myra Lovelace


Very insightful. I appreciate your voice. The church bells that rang across Europe when it was unofficially announced that Biden won meant that the world wants America to heal. A fractured bickering America is extremely dangerous. Our enemies love nothing better to allow us to destroy ourselves from within.

It has to stop.

I invite every reader to reach out to someone “ on the other side “ and work on a new friendship. There are people I know that I’d like to write off because I can’t stand their thinking. But an old friend once told me something that makes sense, “If everyone is thinking the same, nobody is thinking.” Our differences are what made us a great nation. Our differences generate smart technology, music, art, science, shall I continue? This will be very hard, but Americans are a tough bunch.

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