Periodically we take the opportunity to explain the purpose of this page and how it works.

This usually comes after someone fundamentally misunderstands what this page is for and what it represents — which is what happened this week.

The Herald-Zeitung’s Opinion page is where writers from across the community, state and country can contribute their perspectives on important issues and life in general.

The newspaper gives preference to local writers and local issues, but maintains a stable of national and state writers to offer their opinions on issues of those scopes.

Each of the columns appear with the writer’s name, photograph and information and the words included are the opinions of that individual writer.

People may also write letters to the editor which regularly appear on this page and the accompanying Voices page on Sunday. Those letters are signed by the writers and those opinions are those of the writer. The newspaper also regularly runs “Outside View” which is made up of editorials from other newspapers around the state, country and sometimes world. Those editorials are the opinions of those respective newspapers. 

The Herald-Zeitung’s only official opinions come under the heading “Our View,” like this one.

The newspaper does reject guest columns and letters which are hateful, bigoted or trade in conspiracy theories, but not based on political beliefs. 

We believe that the community is best served by a robust and full dialogue across the political spectrum.

This is a long-winded way of saying that  if you wish the newspaper would silence someone you disagree with, you’re going to be disappointed — no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.

Write a letter instead.


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Jodie Flint

Deep affection for the H-Z staff and their upholding of the Fourth Estate!

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