Mr. Cronin and Ms. Powell both find fault with Mr. Volz’s column and tell us he is wrong about abortion.  

However, they glaringly fail to mention the human most affected by abortion: the unwanted precious baby that is sacrificed. 

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Bob Page

If a women’s right to choose is the corner stone of the Democratic Party. And abortion is their number one issue that’s their sick choice. The next thing that goes along with this sick right to choose that’s coming is the right to sell their Bodies into prostitution. What’s the harm They’ll say. It’s a sick and immoral thought. But that thought is already becoming part of their platform even though it’s not part of the main stream media. Yet. I have a right to do what ever I want with my body and if I can make money from it you have no right to stop me. It’s called mission creep.

Lou Ann Wallis

I totally agree. Additionally, I continue to see articles about the huge numbers, (upwards of 600,000 annually, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Center) of women and children who are sold into sex trafficking in the United States. While it is staggering, it should not be surprising. We live in a country where it is legal to murder our children while they are the most vulnerable, while in the womb…or even partially in the womb (862,000 in 2017 reported by pro-abortion group, the Guttmacher Institute). We are told it is the woman’s choice whether she gives birth to her baby or not. Where there is no respect for the life of the unborn, there will be no respect for others as well. Why then, should we be shocked at people using other lives for their pleasure or gain and not respecting the life of a vulnerable child…or adolescent…or anyone…it is all about using other lives for the gain of the individual with the most power. Until we as a nation take a stand against this genocide of the unborn, we will continue to experience greater and greater atrocities toward human lives in sex trafficking, racism, prejudice and all other forms of disrespect and self-gratification. Wake up, America! I have heard many of you say that we should not decide on a president based upon how they stand on the rights of the unborn. Why not? Abortion is an act that we in America have white-washed. We have done this so that we who found it inconvenient or unthinkable to become mothers, don’t have to face the consequences of our actions, (or the action of another such as in the case of rape). Abortion is not the only choice! The US Adoption statistics report that each year 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 couples seek adoption of a baby.

I will always use the party platform that respects the life of the unborn as the litmus test for what candidate is best qualified to oversee the future of America. It tells me who will best protect and preserve human life and dignity, no matter how vulnerable we are.

Baby Boomers, we’d better take note! We are quickly becoming the elderly population and could just as easily be perceived as not productive, and therefore a drain on society. We need a government that protects all human life!

So, I challenge each of you to look at the Democratic and the Republican Party Platforms and take a stand on the one that supports the life of the unborn.

If you have been reluctant to take a stand against abortion due to having had one…or many in the past, repent before God. He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins. He will restore you and give you peace. (1 John 1:9-10)

Lou Ann Wallis

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