It’s hard to judge a president if he’s only been in office for a few months but if we’re going to do it can we start by agreeing on the terms of the conversation? 

For example, I hate the fact that the word “inherited” has found its way into every conversation about any president in recent memory. I think it’s an overly simplistic way to look at things by people who don’t understand the finer points of public policy or how it’s made. In this sense, if I were to defend Joe Biden on the basis of the idea that he “inherited” a mess I would be guilty of intellectual dishonesty because I know better. 

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I love your columns Jack. Most of the time I agree, but even when I don't you present a logical case as to your opinion.

Another quality I like about your columns is you don't steadfastly support/reject a politician based on party affiliation. This column is recent proof. I know you don't agree with much of what former President Trump did, but you did state Trump made the proper decision to negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan to exit this needless war. That's about the ONLY thing I'll commend Trump on doing as president. Trump was vastly incompetent, ignorant, uneducated and narcissistic on EVERY decision he ever made as president.....what decision helps ME the MOST regardless of the country!!!!

Jim Sohan

Jack: You make a lot of good points. I’ve always felt people, regardless of their position should be held accountable for their decisions and actions. I think this is especially true for Presidents. We should hold Presidents accountable regardless of which party they belong to or whether we voted for them or not. If someone held Trump accountable, criticized him for poor decisions, etc., etc., they should be apply the same standards to President Biden and be capable of holding him accountable when needed. The problem is diehard Trump supporters ignore the facts and refuse to hold him accountable for anything, while diehard Biden supporters are doing the same thing. If you can’t hold them both accountable to the standards we all should expect of the office., then you lose all credibility when you criticize one, but are unwilling to criticize the other regardless of their failures, shortcomings, etc., might be. You can vote for someone and still hold them accountable, it should be part of the package.

Charles Hair

The word "compassion" is always used by folks that are happy with the levels of immigration now in place. Compassion is great but a lousy principle to hang national policy on.

Our nations interest should be on the welfare of it's citzens - not the comfort and economic goals of the natives of Honduras, Mexico, East Bogalongo or any other deprived (notice I didn't use 45's descriptive term) polity beyond our borders.

America first...Always!

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