I support the recent actions of Gov. Greg Abbott’s refugee resettlement program.

There are some fundamental issues that Americans cannot overlook if they wish our nation to continue to be a leader in the free world.

The founding principle institution and traditions that made America a nation which is the envy of free people is because newcomers to our nation were inculcated as citizens who upheld its Constitution, culture and the belief in a Supreme Being.

Our borders have been overrun by many people who believe they have the right to occupy our nation and exist by the goodness of its people.  They have been either educated or informed to believe that.  We do have a process for immigration that must be followed. 

With many larger cities currently suffering from homelessness it just doesn’t seem to be wise to encourage adding to the dilemma that those cities don’t seem to be able to handle.  It sets an extremely poor example and I don’t see how it motivates a newcomer to be inspired to become self-dependent.

The main issue for me is the nation’s sovereignty.  There is just so much that can added to our nation before it looses its identity and the many things it stands for.  Do we really want it to resemble the nations from which the refuges are coming from?  It will not be the nation that I envisioned for my grandchildren.  In addition, several European nations are now regretting their easier decisions on accepting migrants into their countries at the rate that they did.

H. L. Messinger,

New Braunfels

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Martha Mendez

Many in the U.S. suffered from similar xenophobic notions in the late 1930s when thousands of Europeans were fleeing the approaching horror in Nazi Germany. In 1939, the bi-partisan Wagner-Rogers bill would have allowed 20,000 child refugees to come to the U.S., but many politicians did not want to relax immigration quotas. This attitude also kept the 937 mostly Jewish refugees aboard the M.S. St. Louis from being allowed to disembark in the U.S. in 1939. In the end, 254 were sent back to countries occupied by Nazi Germany and most certainly to concentration camps. https://www.history.com/news/wwii-jewish-refugee-ship-st-louis-1939 and https://www.ozy.com/flashback/when-the-u-s-turned-away-20000-jewish-children-fleeing-nazi-germany/79700/

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