Pat Dietz

In a recent letter, Don Volz wrote about voter fraud with mail-in ballots and a process known as “harvesting.”  

He is correct about voter fraud and its many variations. We receive mail from Judicial Watch, a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.  The group sent a 61-page Election Integrity Project report, identifying how people and groups are subverting the election laws.

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Instead of quoting someone's opinion, look for the facts!

For Thiessen's USPS failure worries: the USPS delivers about 182 million pieces of First Class mail daily (source: Such a system can easily handle an extra 20 or 30 million per day.

The well-known conservative Heritage Foundation maintains a database of election violations over the past several years, with amusing stories of inept fraud attempts. The search function is not working today, so just click on a state in the map at the bottom of the page:

And claims of massive fraud going undetected -- that is like claiming there are vast fleets of Russian submarines navigating underwater off our coasts: but no one can see them because they are underwater!

Ernie Wittwer

Thank you Paul for injecting a few key facts into this conversation. It is ironic that the president who rails against mail voting and voter fraud, votes by mail and praises mail in voting in his home state of Florida. Why? Because voters who tend to vote R use the system in Florida.

Michael Keel

Thank you, ma'am for writing this! The states which do allow mail-in voting won't allow a review of their programs, I'm thinking for fear their programs' integrity wouldn't hold-up to serious scrutiny. I was a Voting Officer in the military, assisting service members to register for absentee ballots in their home states, and when asked by a service member how they could know if their ballot had been counted or had even gotten to the county elections office, I had no answer for them. In my experience, most military members assumed their absentee votes wouldn't even be counted IF they did arrive at all in time for the election. A ballot not arriving isn't fraud, but it is a common failure of any mail-in process.

It's nothing short of intellectual dishonesty to insist mass mail-in voting isn't, as you point-out so well, ripe for fraud. The truth of this matter has been suppressed by a willing press, but I think we're finally seeing this sham for what it is.


I'll make this short and based on fact. Ten percent of the states in this country have done 100% of all voting in elections for years via mail. No voter wide scale fraud ever found or suspected. This is a proven test bed that mail voting works and is basically fraud free. That's fact because that's undisputed history.

Mr. Deltz prefers to ignore history and fact and reply on subjective, unproven suppositions from a conservative think tank that conservatives rely on for fact (do you see the irony and illogic?). Unfortunately, Mr. Deltz's reference to Judicial Watch is their pure subjective interpretation of what possibilities of fraud might occur....not what has actually occurred. Possibilities always exist on everything. Fortunately, we have FACT in 10% of the states that actually do 100% voting via mail that fraud doesn't result.

I find it laughable and ironic that the only massive election fraud that has occurred in recent decades was from republicans in the 2018 North Carolina congressional elections where the courts found republicans guilty of election fraud. Again, not surprising, the republican president Donald Trump just yesterday encouraged voters in North Carolin to vote twice; once by mail and once in person. That's once again...voter fraud and a felony and perpetrated by a republicans.

It seems republicans are the ones guilty of voter and election fraud time and time again. Says a lot about conservative "opinions" and conservative "think tanks" on the prospects on actually when voter/election fraud actually occurred....not possibilities of election/voter fraud. Voting by mail has proven for years fraud free.

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