The Houston Chronicle hit piece editorial you reprinted on climate change is ludicrous in blaming President Trump or his appointees for not doing enough or soon enough to change the weather.  

One volcanic eruption anywhere in the world more than offsets human attempts to “stop global warming” as it was once called.  So now we are to believe that the United States is solely responsible for “climate change” around the world?  

The purveyors of the fallacy are lining their pockets when we all know or should have learned that you can’t change mother nature. 

Any attempts by the U.S. to offset the massive coal plant pollution by China and India would have essentially no effect other than prohibiting the expansion of our economy and job growth.  

President Trump easily recognized the Paris Climate Accord for what it was and is as a massive rip off of the United States.

C Farrell,

New Braunfels

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