Dear Queen of England, I am writing today on behalf of your wayward former subjects about a distressing issue that threatens peace and stability not only in our country but also in yours. And, if it pleases your majesty, I believe I have a solution that may benefit both of our peoples.

I would be remiss if I did not begin by addressing the events which gave rise to our current situation. It would seem that one dark night back in December of 1773 a group of masked rioters destroyed some private property in the Boston Harbor as part of a violent left-wing political demonstration. In hindsight, there can be no doubt that these individuals were inspired by a foreign socialist agenda — France! 

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Bob Page

I’m not one of your country men that will go with you dude. And please take all you kind with you. Please go.

Debra King

It will take years for the USA to repair our relationships with our allies, but I believe that things happen for a reason. I have faith, there is a silver lining to all the death and destruction we, as a nation, have endured over the past four years. Perhaps this is an awakening to so many things we were taking for granted. Silence is no longer an option for me. If we are fortunate enough to restore dignity, integrity and justice back into our political system, I vow to never become complicit again.

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