John R. Cassata appears to be the kind of Republican who accepts the president’s lies as well as the party that is now supporting him regardless of how rude and ignorant he seems to be. 

As a life-long Democrat I admit to preudice for the values the party espouses. I watched almost the entire investigation the Democratic Party conducted before issuing the two Articles of Impeachment. The investigation was deemed necessary following the July 25th call President Trump made to the President of Ukraine. ALL of the witnesses were appointees of the president. All swore an oath which they honored. President Trump was invited to participate or send legal counsel which he refursed to do. He also order witnesses who could further define his crimes NOT to testify even though they had received supoenas. He kept whining we should just read the transcript. All of us would happily read the transcript which has been hidden in a highly classified safe. What the president released was a summary of the conversation. While no verbatim, several witness had been assigned to monitor the conversation and their testimony was far different than the description the president keeps repeating. 

On that note, I hope Mr. Cassata and all who support the president will remember there was one person in history who led his country into horrific crimes against fellow country people because they were of a different religinn. One of his techniques was to tell the same lies repeatedly. It is one way to get the unawaare to believe lies. The president lies so often one national newspaper counts and prints the count of the president’s lies. 

Mothers turn off the TV when he appears because they do not wish their children to hear him because of his foul language. He’s a president who calls people derogatory names, who allows Russia to support his campaign (2016) and tries to bully Ukraine to do the same in 2020, who believes and befriends our adversaries (Russia, North Korea, Turkey), and unillateraly acts in ways that distance our long term allies, and who will not listen to his more knowledgable advisors, who holds meetings with our adversaries and then takes the notes from that meeting and fails to ever let our security personnel know what was said — and then follows that up with belief in President Putin over our highly vetted security personnel.

I fear his failure to understand he should be protecting his people not his wealth will cause great harm. Our children and grand children will have to heal the wounds.

Kathryn Walker,


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