If you’re a subscriber to the Herald-Zeitung, as many of you who are reading this are, then you already know what you get when you go out to your sidewalk or driveway in the morning.

Or do you?

If you read the paper cover to cover and then recycle it to wait for the next one, then you’re not getting all there is.

That’s because we’ve added a lot of new and expanded content to our website at www.

herald-zeitung.com over the last year.

First there’s a sense of community with commenters jockeying back and forth over local topics, but that’s a contact sport that’s definitely not enjoyable for everyone.

More importantly there are lots of things that we just can’t manage to fit into the print edition that you can find online.

While you might see a few photos from an event in the newspaper, chances are there’s a gallery online full of pictures for you to explore.

Other times we have more stories written than we can print on a given day, but online readers will be able to see those stories one or two days early before they can make their way to print.

Sometimes expanded versions of local stories will appear online when they had to be trimmed to fit in the print version. 

And while our focus is New Braunfels, Comal County and the part of Guadalupe County where the city extends, online we offer the national and international news that so many of you crave.

 So if you’re just reading the print edition, you’re missing out on a lot of what the Herald-Zeitung has to offer.

If you want to get your subscriber account connected to the website for free, call us at 830-625-9144. If you’re not a subscriber, but want to start, we’re happy to help there, too.

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Besides, where else but online do we get the hysterically funny weather forecasts?

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