As 2020 comes to a close and we look back, for most of us, this has been one of our longest and most challenging years. 

January and February seem like decades ago, my life now is totally different. 

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Ron Green

David Warmke,

Re: "Through Dec. 18, worldwide there have been 75 million cases, 1.7 million deaths, 53 million recovered. The 1918 Spanish Flu killed 50 million people."

I infer that you consider 1.7 million deaths relatively insignificant since the Spanish Flu killed ~50 million. I doubt the families affected by those deaths feel the same.

You also mentioned, "Joe Biden’s victory was so weak; he must pull Republicans and Democrats together to do anything, there is no other option!" I am neither a Republican or Democrat, but I have been an accountant. Biden received at least 7,000,000 votes more than Trump and his electoral college win is precisely the same as Trump's so-called landslide win in 2016. I agree that Republicans and Democrats must work together to move our country forward.

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