On Thursday the Comal County Commissioners can take the next step in moving our local elections into the future, and they should embrace that role.

They should then push the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, leaderless as it currently is, to clear the way for Comal County to begin holding countywide elections starting with the Nov. 5 ballot.

The move is one that just makes sense for county officials and for voters as well. Instead of having to navigate to the proper precinct location on election day, voters would be able to vote wherever they want to inside the county.

That’s particularly important and valuable for those who work away from their homes, and also beneficial to employers who don’t have to worry about their workers carving out time to return to their specific polling location.

Guadalupe County adopted the plan a few years ago and it’s paid dividends there with it earning applause from both political parties and the elections office.

There’s been very little pushback against the idea in Comal County, thankfully, but what there has been has revolved around the concern that the loss of precinct importance would deprive the political parties of one of their largest organizational opportunities. 

While that might be true, when balanced against the importance of allowing voters to cast ballots where they want with the greatest ease, it’s inconsequential.

And while some might chafe at the idea of making it easier for people to vote, one should reasonably question why any good American would want to increase barriers to participation in our system.

Is it because they want fewer people voting? Or is it because they only want the “right” people voting? 

Either way, the county has the opportunity on Thursday to make the process simpler and easier.

It should do so, and Texas should finish the job.


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