How the community of New Braunfels looks to the rest of the world matters.

Whether it’s pictures of people crowding the rivers during a global pandemic, a school board member calling COVID-19 the China virus, videos showing a Black Lives Matter flag being dragged behind a pickup truck or other videos with vehicles surrounding the bus of a rival political candidate, it creates an image of our city that doesn’t line up with the “family-friendly, tourism haven” that our local economy thrives on.

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Richard Johnson

Now-a-days, you can't do anything or say anything without immediate negative criticisms blowing up the social media. One incident, involving one individual does not and never has made a reputation for any community. (Can we say Tonya Harding?) Just because someone twitters and retwitters a hundred million times is not a judgement on our community. This officer was apparently wrong, but it was an individual mistake, not one by all of NB Police officers, or the NB community.

Myra Lovelace

I think too often we try to make excuses that these “incidents “ are just one off and not representative of what ever we’re referencing. I think the truth of the matter is that New Braunfels is growing at warp speed and with it comes new problems/ opportunities that have to be carefully navigated. The city is becoming a little less homogeneous and a little more diverse, and a lot more populated. Prayers for the city council to maneuver carefully and successfully.

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