Today’s Democratic Party would be unrecognizable to past party lions like Hubert Humphrey, “Scoop” Jackson, JFK and others. Beginning well before Barack Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform America,” radical progressives have gradually taken control of the party.

Their goal is to transform America culturally, socially and politically and integrate it into George Soros’ Open Society (open-borders) new world order. But the MAGA doctrine of President Trump is a major obstacle. Today’s Democrats mean to destroy President Trump and restore power to the ruling class elites who know what is best for the rest of us.

Donald Trump was targeted from the day he announced his candidacy. A cabal of the deep state in the Justice and State Departments, intelligence agencies, Hillary’s campaign and the DNC plotted to damage Donald Trump’s candidacy or remove him from office should he win. The mainstream media was the tip of their spear. 

Over 90% of MSM supports radical progressive policies, reporting opinion masquerading as news. Talking points are picked up by like-minded outlets, often using the identical pejorative wording. Any opposition to the radical progressive theme of the day, including from Trump supporters (the deplorables), is labeled racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic or in the case of people of faith, hypocritical. 

After President Trump’s surprising election victory, #TheResistance was established to develop strategies to remove him from office. Beginning with attempts to coerce presidential electors to vote against their state’s electoral winner, #TheResistance moved to demanding vote recounts in Democrat “strongholds.” Then came Stormy Daniels, the Emoluments Clause, the 25th Amendment and ultimately, based on Hillary’s purchased dossier, “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” When the Mueller investigation collapsed, the goalposts were again moved, this time to Ukraine. #TheResistance is emulating Lavrentiy Beria, Joseph Stalin’s Chief of Security and Secret Police who famously said “Show me the man and I will find you the crime.” 

None of the bias, abuse of power, malevolence and raging wrathful hatred toward Donald Trump and his supporters is apparent to those suffering from acute stage-four Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Notwithstanding the impeachment of President Trump, who will be acquitted by the Senate, the cabal will continue to attack him throughout his second term in office, and their hatred of his supporters will persist. And even beyond his presidency, the efforts to “transform America” will continue.

Supporters of the radical progressive agenda, the new Democrats, want to: abolish ICE and the Department of Homeland Security; keep the borders open; give illegal aliens free health care; eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court with progressive justices and repeal the Second Amendment; replace all private health insurance with “Medicare for all”; guarantee income and free college for all; pay reparations for slavery; de-regulate abortion and provide public funding of abortion. If you support some or all these policies there are several Democrat candidates for you. 

If you support President Trump’s accomplishments: the lowest ever unemployment among blacks, black youth, Hispanics, and women; a booming economy with millions of new jobs; a reduction in regulations; much lower middle class taxes; higher wages for the lower and middle classes; the USMCA, new trade agreements with South Korea, Japan, and soon the UK and confronting Chinese mercantilism; energy independence and being a net exporter of oil; reducing illegal immigration, drug smuggling and human trafficking across the southern border; withdrawal from the flawed Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Accords; relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem; First Step Prison Reform legislation; increased support for Historical Black colleges and universities; and reduced prescription drug prices, then vote Republican next November.

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Ernie Wittwer

The writer should check some facts from sources other than Fox News: 1) the benefits of the tax cuts went 81% to the wealthiest Americans; 2) the bulk of the corporate tax cuts went to stock buy backs, little went to wage increases or capital investment; 3) job creation over the past three years has been slower than during the last term of Obama; 4) of the jobs created the great bulk have been low paying service jobs; 5) roughly 40% of American workers are low wages or poverty level earners; 6) hate crimes in the country are up nearly 300% percent in the last three years; 7) Repub operatives admit that their strategy is to win by gerrymandering and suppressing votes; 8) world leaders think so poorly of Trump that we have a video of several of them openly laughing at him; 9) according to the folks who tend the doomsday clock, the world is in greater danger of nuclear disaster now than it was in 1962; 10) the corruption of this administration makes Harding look saintly. I could go in, but...

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