Mental health continues to be a taboo for many cultures and families. In Comal County, the onerous battle to champion COVID-19 psychologically is arduous for many folks. Families, homeless, and rural populations are drained mentally from staying afloat from the stress and structural damage (i.e, loss of a job, loss of an income, etc.) of COVID-19. The concomitant of stress and structural damage of COVID-19 has imbalanced the lives of Comal County residents to the point of attempting suicide, self-harming and overdosing on medications.

Within the three months of working for a local mental health organization, I have noticed a sporadic increase in suicide attempts in Comal County. For example, last week, I spoke with three adults and two adolescents that were having suicidal thoughts. The reasons for their suicide thoughts was untreated mental illness, loss of a job and lack of social support. I urge Comal County residents to reach out to local mental health organizations for support and mental health treatment. This list below is local mental health organizations in Comal County that are officious to help all residents in Comal County. 

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