Here we are, in the wake of continuing protests and violence across the country and I have yet to see anything that leads me to believe Black lives matter all that much, at least, not to Blacks. And that makes me truly sad. 

Black bodies are piling up across the country and I don’t see the Media or Black Lives Matter showing much more than indifference. I can’t buy into a BLM legitimacy until there are reports of marches and protests at the cribs and in the neighborhoods of the Black, gun-wielding drug dealers and thugs who are killing the Black children and people of New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc, etc, etc......

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Jack McKinney

Well Bruce, look at the bright side. By publishing this the editors have shown how deeply racism is embedded in our society and how much work people are able to do to blind themselves to it.

Bruce Carpenter

I have long been a member of the ACLU and defender of the First Amendment and free speech, even when such speech is abhorrent to me. However, I also believe all news media has a responsibility to speak responsibly and choose carefully which speech it chooses to publish and promote. This column crosses way over the line of responsible speech and the Herald-Zeitung should not have chosen to publish it. They have a responsibility to our community to choose which speech is part of a legitimate and constructive dialogue and which is not. This opinion column is neither responsible or helpful to a constructive dialogue and should not have appeared. The Herald-Zeitung owes the community and its readers an apology for publishing it and needs to carefully consider restricting its forum from future opinions from this author.


I agree.

Michael Keel

Two questions on your comments:

1. How, exactly, does this opinion piece cross "way over the line"?

2. What is the ACLU's definition of "responsible speech"?

Bruce Carpenter

You will find my answer to your questions on responsible speech in my Letter to the Editor published here on June 13th.


Hannah BP

Does that apply to all races? If a white man kills another white man, does that then mean white people don’t care about other white people? I don’t understand the rational of using black on black violence as a blanket statement for all black people.

Kevin Carroll

I completely agree, thanks for speaking the truth. Seems as if the real problem is black on black violence and that gets little publicity.

Ernie Wittwer

Your comments would have more relevance if you had argued for inclusion when black and brown people were disproportionately targeted and imprisoned, or when legislators passed laws that had the effect of disenfranchising minorities, or when bankers drew redlines to keep blacks from homeownership, or when the senate failed to pass anti lynching laws. Either be for inclusion or accept the rationale for BLM.

Marcy St John

Excellent! You have said what needs to be said! Thank you!!!!!

Mark Whittaker

Thank you. I must have done a poor job drawing a distinction between a radical and violent BLM organization and the righteous outrage of people as disgusted as I over the killing of George Floyd. I think the need for basic police oversight has been overshadowed by a sub rosa push toward anarchy, an aggravated contempt for social order, and irresponsibly destructive behavior. Thank you for finding my positive intent.

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