We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the Comal County Health Department and all others involved with the mass COVID-19 vaccination effort at the Civic Center. The process was very well organized and ran smooth and efficiently. 

We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. The nursing students administering the shots were very polite and helpful. The Comal County Health Dept. wait list website was easy to use. Their call back to set up an appointment worked perfectly to get us and many more of our friends and neighbors vaccinated for protection against this dreadful COVID-19 disease. 

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Jim Sohan

The people running the vaccine distribution at the Civic Center are doing an outstanding job! How about a little patience? There are approximately another 5,998 people who are on the waiting list, but haven’t been called yet either. If they administer another 6,000 vaccines and people who were on the waiting list still haven’t been called, then it’s probably time to complain and talk to someone. In the meantime, give these great, overworked people, many who are volunteers, a break and just roll with the flow.

Richard Johnson

I did get into the web site, and registered my wife and me before the 12000 limit was reached. But we hear NOTHING. I hear they are giving vaccines, and I find it very curious that at around 50% of the 12K given, we hear nothing. Do you have to know someone? Are they laughing at the stupid people that thought that since they registered, they would get vaccinated?

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