The world will always need police officers. In places like Texas, Comal County and New Braunfels, it will need more of them in the years ahead as the population continues to boom.

For most agencies, it’s not enough to just fill the shoes or put a hearbeat behind the badge. You want good, high-quality officers that serve with distinction and honor with an eye on public service and bettering their community.

That’s certainly the case locally where there’s an emphasis on making sure the right type of candidates are put out on the street.

The only way that those candidates get developed, trained and ready to fulfill the awesome responsibility that comes with a badge and a gun is through police academies.

One of those, run by the Alamo Area Council of Governments in San Antonio has recently put out a call for new recruits for the academy.

Hiring for law enforcement has been particularly difficult in certain segments where private sector pay rates and perks can outweigh the dangers and scrutiny that comes with public service.

The training at the Alamo Area academy  is rigorous, requiring almost 1,000 hours of training — up from the state’s mandated 643 hours.  But that often comes with certifications and other additional training that agencies are going to want their officers to have — including non-lethal techniques like Tasers.

If you have an interest in law enforcement and a desire to serve either here in your own community, or somewhere else — rural communities are particularly in need — then this is an honorable option worth exploring.

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The world will always need police officers. If you think you could be a good one, you owe it to yourself to consider the opportunities that might await.

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