In response to the article by David Shribman, his inclusion of Governor Andrew Cuomo deserves a large asterisk. 

The Andrew Cuomo of today was not the Andrew Cuomo of the early days of the virus when making a quick, non-political decision would have made a difference. 

In January the governor did nothing of substance to stop the certainty of an infectious disease spreading to New York city. New York is not a small, isolated place. It is the international center of the world, hundreds of thousands of individuals arrive in New York every month and a lot of those are from China. 

Even prior to the presidential ban on travel, Andrew Cuomo could have expected and been prepared for the arrival of infected individuals from China. It was then and is now obvious. This did not happen. Nor were the schools closed. Nor were there preparations for masks and gloves and ventilators and other equipment that are standard emergency response materials, even though New York has repeatedly had need of these and used them in the past. 

Yes, the governor did step up and that is to his credit but if New York had been prepared, even minimally, the disaster that is unfolding across the US which emanated from New York and to the other unprepared state of New Jersey, would have been greatly minimized. 

Had the government of New York and New York city, and its supremely indifferent and slow to respond Mayor DeBlasio, been prepared with the minimal quantity of materials for disaster preparedness, including calling for federal assistance early on in anticipation of the problem to come, the world as we see it now would likely have been very different. 

Lark Mason, Jr.

New Braunfels


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Bob Page

100% on point Lark. They were so intent on pointing blame at the President when it is his first and most important responsibility to keep the citizens that elected him same. He failed. The Government can’t possibly provide materials necessary to sustain 325 m people. The states are at the top of the spear and if they fail to prepare the state will suffer. Cuomo became a national voice only after he let his state get out of control. As for Bill deBlasio, hopefully he goes down in flames in the next election. He’s not worth comment.

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