Jack McKinney can’t contain his bigotry as he tries to equate cattleman Ammon Bundy with states that out-thought the herd mentality, which strained so many state economies, and resisted sending their residents into state-mandated hiding. That’s as ridiculous as labeling Jack as the slope-headed, slack-jawed poster boy for the violent socialists of Antifa, regardless of how patently wrong he is.

His opinions seem jaundiced by typical, liberal self-loathing, disdain for the “bedrock” states of our heartland, and contempt for independent thought. President Trump wisely deferred to state governors as the government closest to their citizens, with the Constitutional authority to lead while keeping decisions and actions homegrown under loose Federal guidelines. The jury judging the results will be out for quite some time.

As for the eight heretical states, the Los Angeles Times reported on April 22,  confirmed COVID-19 cases/deaths:

“Arkansas 2270/43, Iowa 3740/90, Nebraska 1720/38, North Dakota 670/14, South Dakota 1850/9, Oklahoma 2800/170, Utah 3540/32, and Wyoming 440/6.”

 The LA Times also reported in the same article that, “At an April White House briefing, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the actions taken (referring to McKinney’s ‘Murican states) are ‘functionally equivalent’ to a stay-at-home order.”

“I want to make sure people understand that just because they don’t have a very strict stay-at-home order, they have in place a lot of things that are totally compatible with what everyone else is doing,” he said.

As we move away from knee-jerk quarantine toward reintegration into a more normal normal, there will come both reasoned and obtuse critiques of what has gone down with COVID-19. Certain things will be obvious, like: closing travel from China was a good thing; closing states on a one-size fits all basis maybe not so good; restricting indoor gatherings probably a good thing; restricting people from outdoor recreation probably draconian; ant colonies like New York City finally locking down was certainly good; a lockdown in Rye Beach, Ohio probably unnecessary.

Trying to be conciliatory I’m going to say, under the circumstances, there were/are no options without risk, no absolutely safe path forward. Given an unknown, open-ended contagion, without a timely heads-up from China, decisions were made off the cuff and with the best of intentions. Save the restart and shun a lawyer.

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” — President Ronald Reagan Aug. 12, 1986

Mark Whittaker,

Canyon Lake


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(2) comments

Richard Johnson

Thanks again Mark. I'll be relocating to the area soon and hope that Jack's views are in the minority. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for 53 years and am fed to the teeth with the Democratic Socialist positions of the left which pervade the area here! My hope is to retire and move into the next chapter of my life without having to look over my shoulder constantly to keep from offending someone and having the whole herd come down on my or my family! Jack, may i suggest you look into some nice property in the Seattle area! Sounds like you'd love it here!

Bob Page

Thank you Mark. I have come to learn JM is nothing more than a person who deals in promoting the lies, deceit and corruption of the Democratic Socialist Liberal party. As we are learning everything in the Russian hoax is All A Lie. And JM kept pushing it in his writings on the community. His writings are one of propaganda. Plain and simple.

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