We fell back on Nov. 1. I had six clocks to set inside plus two vehicles. Winter offers five or more hours less daylight every day. Summertime offers over 13-14.5 hours of daily sunlight. DST and Standard Time offer the same number of hours of daylight. And we will spring forward on March 7, 2021 giving us all government induced jet lag.

Judith Zaffirini filed SJR13 to abolish DST in Texas. Her bill would allow the voters to opt to abolish DST and end time changes or to keep DST and keep changing the clocks twice a year. Please help me get SJR13 to abolish DST (and time changes) passed. The federal Uniform Time Act does not permit year-round DST. Scientists, doctors, and teachers state DST is harmful. Permanent Standard Time is best for health, safety, children, and workers. Standard Time is the safest for students waiting for a school bus in the mornings. Permanent DST would delay Texas’s sunrises for 4.5 months. Sunrise would be 8:40 - 9 am on Christmas morning. Standard Time is the safest for students waiting for a school bus in the mornings. For other benefits of year-round Standard Time see https://savestandardtime.com/ or https://aasm.org/american-academy-of-sleep-medicine-advisory-warns-of-adverse-effects-of-daylight-saving-time/

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