Thinking about having mass transit in New Braunfels is a waste of thought. I would like to see the study that said this is a good idea. Have they identified those that would use a bus or train in New Braunfels other than to Schlitterbahn during the summer? Do you really think there is enough riders to justify having a fixed route service?

Someone without transportation wanting to go to HEB, or the doctor, or work for that matter won’t go to those locations every day. Even the workplace has changed. Flexible hours, evening work, remote work, all add up to there not being a big need for public transport. 

I’m convinced to have a public transit in place is to have it in place while you are designing your city. 

Look a Portland, Oregon. Their light rail was integral to the design of the city, plus it has hubs — downtown, medical research centers, universities. That system works, we don’t have hubs, excluding Schlitterbahn. 

In a word, the idea of a fixed route light rail or bus system will be a boondoggle. There is no way our federal or state governments would not be needed forever to maintain it. We can’t even carpool.

You want a bus service, announce to bus companies that New Braunfels needs a bus service and see how many want to operate here. 

Jeff Lindley,

New Braunfels


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David Tubman

Maybe we can encourage more Uber drivers to handle the demand as needed?

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