New Braunfels is growing fast, as are the two counties that it sits in — Comal and Guadalupe.

Keeping track of that growth and giving leaders the knowledge they need to make decisions to best deal with that growth is important.

Also important is making sure that the region gets the type of federal support that it requires, and that it’s due.

One key part of that will be the 2020 Census which is the count that happens every 10 years and is used for a lot of different purposes — including determining representation in the United States House of Representatives.

New Braunfels has established a Complete Count Committee ahead of the census to make sure everyone is counted. 

If those numbers aren’t right, then New Braunfels could be losing federal funds that it would normally have the opportunity to get, while also simultaneously dealing with more people.

That’s a bad combination, so any of the groundwork that can be laid now to ease the process in 2020 will be better for everyone involved.

Technology is changing things for the census, as it has everything else in life. It will have encrypted online and telephone response options for the first time. Community members will receive a letter from the Bureau with a code that allows them to participate via the internet.

The committee will have to find the best way to encourage people to participate in the process, even while not having any budget to support such outreach efforts. Some of that will undoubtedly be social media, but some of it will be each of us as individuals reaching out to make sure that everyone stands up and is counted for the good of the country — and for the good of New Braunfels.

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