I am not being politically swayed here at all. This past week and months are a blurr of confusion to me and perhaps you. All I know is that the “country has been held hostage” for the past three years by a merry-go-round of finger pointing from both sides leaving little time to do the work of THE PEOPLE (that is US).

You have to be on the old side of 50+ to remember CLIFF NOTES.  I was a lousy reader in high school and college and Cliff Notes saved my GPA and brain. 

If you happen to be a subscriber of the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung — see the excellent and concise reporting (column on the opinion page) by Byron York, polictial correspondent for the Washington Examiner. In a column he sums up IG Michael Horovitz Report without all of us having to read the 400 pg dossier.

We (the people) have been taken for a ride and the “engineers” need to be held accountable.  (I am sure some of you can google Byron York and pull up this column from 12/14/19 — headlined here as: “It’s Official, Dossier was Malarky”)

Sandy Payson,

New Braunfels

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