I recently read, “Don’t close eyes to sin,” written by Henry Ford, and Don Volz’s reply in “Thoughts on planks and splinters.” If you haven’t read both published letters, please do. They are worthy of your time.

To be sure, I consider both of these men to be my brothers in Christ, and I love them regardless of their individual beliefs.

With “Don’t close eyes to sin,” Trump supporters have again been stripped of their identity as individuals and cast into the pit of “one-size-fits-all” generalization. We were judged to be “lawbreakers” found guilty of the unconscionable crime of being Republicans, conservatives, or Tea Party members. I scored the label “trifecta” on this one. Big surprise there.

Back in August, Mr. Jim Sohan concluded in his letter “A question on racism,” that if I choose to vote for Donald Trump again in 2020, I am a racist. It looks like I’m still on a roll.

At this juncture, I’m not sure if going from blatant “racist” to complicit “lawbreaker” is an upgrade, but since I’m optimistic by nature, I’ll consider it a “positive.”

It is unfair and irresponsible for either Ford or Sohan to judge me. Or to judge you. We both know that. No man is capable of understanding and judging the heart of another. There will be only ONE judgment. In His time, God will deal with each of us one on one. I’m leaving the judging to Him.

In “Don’t close eyes to sin,” hyperbole was the hammer used in its judgmental attack. I won’t dwell on that, but I do have a problem with being accused of “blindly following” with “cult-like allegiance” to “a false idol” and “walking in darkness.” Yep, those misrepresentations sandpapered me a bit. Always do.

Regardless of your disdain or appreciation for our president, I’ll offer you my perspective on where we find ourselves as we barrel down the road into the approaching 2020 election cycle “destruction derby.” 

In my opinion, we are in a bar fight for the very soul and future of America. I’m sure both sides feel the same way. 

If I’m sitting in the bar and that fight is looming, I’m not looking for a ballerina or a well-manicured interior decorator to be my wingman when “it” hits the fan. 

I’m looking for the meanest, nastiest, scariest, ugliest guy, or gal, that I can find. One with an eye still swollen shut from last night’s bar fight and preferably having had part of one ear chewed off. Throw in a long hot-pink scar reaching from above the left eyebrow, down across the bridge of the nose, ending at the lower right cheek. 

Add to that a wry smile missing so many teeth that a piano keyboard would swoon with envy. And lastly, bless whoever, with all the savoir-faire and social grace of Shrek after consuming a large block of bad cheese capped off with a swamp water chaser. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Donald J. Trump. Our president. And resident bar fighter.

As I see it, perhaps we may not have gotten the president we wanted. But, we most likely got the president we needed. We need to look no further than his accomplishments since inauguration while fighting both political parties and the media. Contrast that with the goals of the progressive platform. Startling comparison, isn’t it?

And regarding his behavior, he wasn’t elected “role model in chief.” He was constitutionally elected commander in chief. Regardless, bad behavior does not equal “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Your disappointment in his behavior is understandable, but his being insolent and surly is not an impeachable offense. Sorry for the bad news. 

While enemies of the president have chosen to “resist,” he has chosen to “persist.” To do the job he was elected to do. To try and keep his word to the American people.

So, which do you believe is the nobler effort considering what’s right for our country? 

Yeah, me too. Mega-dittos and adios.

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