I’m writing in response to the Oct. 1 Guest Column by Don Volz, but I have no interest in denouncing his ridiculous claims about a political party that I align with, and I’m not going to risk my blood pressure getting elevated over his use of the God I worship against me. “Love one another” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

To you, the editor of our newspaper, however, I would like to say that your choice of printing this type of material is an insult. New Braunfels, while extremely conservative, is no longer the sleepy little town where everyone who has an opinion should be sharing it. 

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Bob Page

Ms. Gabbard, there's no mention of civil war, and it is absolutely the play book of the party you say you affiliate with and apparently you agree, to silence your critics. You are telling our Sleepy little city paper to stop publishing the opinions of it's citizens because you disagree with his premise. That in itself is disgraceful. A rebuttal of his comments is one thing but to censure and eliminate is socialist.

Chris Lykins Staff
Chris Lykins

No it's not. Can we stop using socialist for everything? I've had people from both the right and left tell me to stop publishing things over the two-decades plus doing this. A version of an economic system you don't like has nothing to do with censorship.

Jim Sohan

Chris, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think you and others at the paper do a great job and it’s not an easy job. We can’t know because we would never see them, but based on your response to past columns I’m confident if something truly crossed the line, you wouldn’t publish it. However, where that line falls is difficult to determine and again, I give you and the rest of the staff a lot of credit for walking that fine line. I know some people would probably like you to fact check columns, and while you do to some degree, as you did here, I also feel it’s a responsibility of the citizens who read the paper as well. When facts are not true or incorrect, they should be called out, and I’m happy to see this beginning to happen more and more often. People need to step up and tell others their facts aren’t correct, and provide the actual facts, even if they’re going to be ignored or treated "rudely" for speaking the truth. It’s also difficult to police people’s opinions no matter how much we may dislike or disagree with them. However, most of your guest/contributing columnists who write on politics lean to the far right and I’d like to see you recruit some guest/contributing columnists who lean more to the left to balance things out. It would’ve been great to have a “counterpoint” opinion printed the same day as Mr Volz’ original column. Keep up the good work, it means a lot and is important to the community.

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