From recognizing community helpers to helping community organizations do even more good, the last seven days have seen New Braunfelsers pushing to make the city better than ever.


New Year’s Eve has a special sort of magic associated with it. It’s the end of one thing, the beginning of another — all wrapped up in a few seconds — bordered by celebrations. 

It also provides a perfect opportunity to educate children about how it’s a good time to set aside the disappointments of the past and to build on the opportunities the future offers. 

The only problem is that it comes in the middle of the night. That’s not a time that small children are normally awake — unless it’s a very, very, very bad night for parents. 

Many parents make special allowances for the holiday, allowing the little ones to stay up for that midnight countdown, but not all of them have the stamina to pull that off. Truth be told, not all adults do either.

So it was nice to see a special event for kids at the New Braunfels Public Library, which dialed the clock back 12 hours to a more manageable noon celebration.

And the fact that the room was packed for the balloon drop shows it’s an event that resonates with local families. 

New Braunfels is lucky to have an active and engaged library that offers far more than just books.


The Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce has closed the book on its centennial celebration as 2019 rolled over to 2020, but the look back over the organization’s history offered during the last year speaks to just how important it’s been in shaping the New Braunfels that we call home today.

Some of the ways of life we take for granted today — and would miss dearly if they weren’t around — were spearheaded by the men and women at the chamber of commerce over the decades. 

And the group, to its credit, isn’t done working for a better and more prosperous New Braunfels in the decades to come. A key part of that involves having young men and women who are ready to step up and assume leadership as the chamber celebrates its 125th, 150th and beyond. The chamber isn’t sitting idly be on that front either, with its active programs to educate and empower tomorrow’s leaders. 

Congratulations, once again, on 100 years. We’re looking forward to the next 100.

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