“Bigotry and intolerance, silenced by argument, endeavors to silence by persecution, in old days by fire and sword, in modern days by tongue.” 

— Charles Simmons

The Left and Never Trumpers are desperate. Looking across the dismal landscape of their liberal gimme, gimme, gimme agenda and their insubstantial candidates, it’s understandable that they’re losing their water and their minds over the real possibility of four more years of President Donald J. Trump. 

I find it hysterically funny how the president grates on their every nerve and frustrates their efforts to cow and impede him. They are reduced to shrieking banshees, armed not with reason but with vitriol. The bar has been set so low in using the word racist that it simply means that to disagree is racist.

Well then, Jim Sohan, yes I am a racist. If drawing a distinction between illegal and legal immigration is racist, then so be it. If supporting the integrity of our borders and the law enforcement agencies charged with implementation of our laws is racist then I’m all in. If I favor an overhaul of immigration law to make it weighted towards merit and self-sufficiency, well yes, I’m a racist. I support the Constitution and the idea that we are a unique nation of laws that cement our freedoms and personal opportunities which globalism would erode. Yep, still a racist. 

I refute the wholly absurd notion of White Privilege. It’s a construct of insidious thinking, seeks to fragment our American dream of the “melting pot” I grew up with, and it disregards historical fact. Too many people have forgotten that the “I have a dream” struggle was for inclusion, not re-segregation. I believe that a common language unites U.S. and understanding English is a reasonable requirement of citizenship. I accept that brand of racism.

We have come into an enviable position of energy independence through fossil fuels which can affect a reasonable and sustainable shift toward renewable sources of power while also preserving our environment. The New Green Deal is a feint to bring our economy to its knees, sending U.S. into an Orwellian spiral of government subjugation. Thought I’d throw that in to show that I’m not only racist, but quite mad too.

President Trump was a spoiler, an in-your-face repudiation of decades of political stagnation and perpetual status quo, courtesy of the saner half of the country. God save the king! (That was for you Sohan.) He proved that it doesn’t take a lifelong politician to be the country’s executive. He’s bold, brash and politically incorrect. 

A jingoistic, unapologetic cheerleader for the United States, he embodies the confidence and patriotism of Teddy Roosevelt. “Bully!” Guess that makes me a racist, because I like it. 

Spoiler alert! I fully intend to help perpetuate the man, the myth and the legend by brazenly voting for President Trump’s second term in 2020. 

If you, Jim Sohan, in your bigoted, petulant funk chose to label me a racist for that, I embrace it, if only to spite you. Besides, I’m in pretty good company with everyone else who dares to disagree with you.

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” — Frederick Douglass

Maybe he was a racist too?

Mark Whittaker,

Canyon Lake


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Jim Sohan

I’m a bit bemused by the idea that some now view me as a far left wing radical with nefarious intentions, but I’ll admit I have trended more to the left in my views in recent years. There’s an old saying that goes something like “you’re a Republican when you’re young and become a Democrat as you grow older.”

While it’s clear we disagree on a lot, we actually agree on a lot of things. I believe in a strong border, cracking down on illegal immigration and improving the legal immigration system, but I don’t think the failures of past administrations is an excuse for the poor policies and practices of the current administration. We need to do it right and can definitely do it better than we are now. I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment, but I also support expanded background checks. And, if “they” ever come to take your guns, I’ll be standing right next to you pushing back. Having served 26-plus years, I’m a strong supporter of our military and law enforcement, and believe they need to be provided all the resources and tools to do their jobs. I’m pro-growth, support lower taxes and smaller Government, but understand much of that is easier said than done, and neither side will ever get all they want. I also believe in aliens, at least the possibility that there’s other life out there. I believe that adequate health care is a right and not a privilege. The question is what is the best way to do it and how do we pay for it with out bankrupting the country. I believe in equal rights for everyone regardless of their race, gender, sex or sexual orientation.

But, what I strongly believe in relative to this discussion is we don’t need to throw our values out the door to “make America great again”. Accomplishing the things we agree on does not require us to give up our moral values or throw them out with the bath water. You’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Trump’s racism is a growing threat to this country and staying silent is condoning his racist policies and actions, which brings us back to the original question. So, take stand, make it clear to the President that while you support his policies you can’t accept the racist rhetoric and divisiveness that comes with it. Unfortunately, the only thing that matters to him is your vote and unless you’re willing to withhold your vote from him, he’s not going to change, even then he probably won’t. I’ll continue to repeat it. Standing up against racism and those who promote or encourage it should be a non-partisan issue. It’s simply doing what’s right! It’s living up to what America stands for.


Actually, Mr. Sohan, you have that saying completely backwards. The earliest documented evidence of the saying is from French jurist and academic Anselme Polycarpe Batbie. A rough translation is:

“He who is not a républicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.”

Now keep in mind that the word " républicain" does NOT refer to anything remotely resembling a modern political party. Rather, it refers to the French who opposed monarchs, supported a republic as a governmental form, and had a tendency to form student revolts throughout the early to mid-1800s. Within the context of that time, the terms “républicain”, “socialist”, and “liberal” were all on the left of the political spectrum.

Any number of people have misquoted that saying since 1875, but always as "if one is not liberal when young, one has no heart. If still liberal when older, one has no brain."

I have seen nothing racist in any of the Trump administration's actions. Why? Because the word "racist" has an actual meaning to me, and it is NOT what the left insists it means. No nationality is a race, no culture is a race, no religion is a race, no mere skin, eye or hair coloration equals race. Shrieking "racist!" at every administration action or announcement exposes the ignorance and self-hatred of those who shout the word merely because someone disagrees with them.

Americans need to stand up against divisiveness, yes. But continuing to rant about "racism" without actually knowing what true racism is accomplishes nothing but more divisiveness. Why not discuss those equal rights instead? Equal does mean equal, by the way, not one group being more equal than anyone else...

Kelly Butler

Thank you Regan Smith! I was going to correct them. You did it for me, and quite eloquently.😊

Bob Page

Jim, please enlighten me on your facts supporting Trump as a racist. Don provided his support of just the opposite. Please provide the proof and where it is derived.


Jim Sohan

First off, let me say the intent of my 30 August Letter to the Editor was to provoke discussion on a topic I feel is an important one to consider, even if it's an uncomfortable topic, when one is determining who to vote for in 2020. I should have left my "question" unanswered and open ended for people to contemplate and think about on their own as I originally intended. If anyone took my remarks as an attack on them personally, I apologize. That was not my intent.

As for Donald Trump, I don't hate Donald Trump and my position on him when it comes to racism and his associated conduct isn't based on any preconceived ideas or position. As a matter of fact I dismissed most of the comments, etc., made during the election campaign as typical political mudslinging, in an attempt to hold every misstep from his past against him. I'm sure he's not the only real estate developer from the 1970s accused of practicing some form of racial discrimination when it came to their tenants. My opinion of him has evolved and came to what it is today based on his behavior, comments, etc., since taking office. And yes, my opinion of him takes in to account the positives that Don outlined in his editorial, but I feel the negatives far outweigh the positives.

However, instead of just providing you a list of "facts" I feel support my position, I recommend you read the following two articles.

- https://www.vox.com/2016/7/25/12270880/donald-trump-racist-racism-history -- this one was updated in July 2019

- https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/trump-racism-comments/588067/

The first one provides a chronological history with some some tweets and quotes thrown in. The second one is described as more of an oral history and is a little harder to follow. I'm sure a lot of people will argue these articles are from biased sources, who are out to get Trump, and therefore, they don't prove Donald Trump is a racist. Deciding whether or not Donald Trump is a racist is still a personal decision, but these two articles, especially the first one provide you a great deal of information on events, etc., that you can research and fact check on your own to determine whether you feel they are true or false. Once you do so, you may still come to a different conclusion than I do, and that's okay, that's the way it should work.

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