Jim D. Wesson

I hope you do not need our services. That seems like an odd statement to hear coming from a hospital administrator, but I am sure you understand the intention and that you likely agree. 

The last few months have certainly brought us all new challenges and difficulties as together, we have faced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Richard Johnson

So, to keep from getting the virus, stay home as much as possible. When out, mask up, and use hand sanitizer generously. This is the standard advice for those of us that are in the death zone of the virus' effects. This virus can burn out quickly or be around for years while mutating into something that can cause reinfection for those that have had it and had immunity. In order to achieve herd immunity, we need to have it be caught and gotten over by 70-80% of the people. (People that are not in the death zone, but will only suffer a mild cold.) But no, we want to extend the time, give the virus time to mutate. Kill more people. This current approach makes no sense. (At least to me, one of those people that are in the death zone.)

Quincy Adams

There are preliminary studies indicating covid19 immunity is not that robust. Maybe it protects for 3-4 months for those with symptoms and no immunity for those asymptomatic. If it proves that the immunity response is not that robust, herd immunity wold not work very well.

It will take time to measure the immunity robustness. The virus It is killing a huge number of people as it is. To commit to a herd immunity strategy would surely cause way more future deaths with perhaps no payoff. And would likely overrun our healthcare systems making the mortality rate even higher.

I prefer to wait for a vaccine and take my chances with that.

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