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The New Braunfels Food Bank is located at 1620 S. Seguin Ave. File photo | New Braunfels Food Bank


The people of New Braunfels are a giving, caring, enthusiastic bunch who respond to the best of their abilities when they see a need in the community. 

Our first kudos of this week goes to all who saw the lack of food at the New Braunfels Food Bank and rose to the occasion.

A few weeks ago, the food bank fired a figurative flare for help and signaling a lack of available food as the holidays approach. Throughout the community, people responded in a multitude of ways. Churches and organizations set up canned food drives and requested monetary donations. Individuals personally delivered groceries and mailed checks. And several places have created other ways to support the food bank, such as this Saturday’s Zumbathon at the Westside Community Center gym from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last year’s Zumbathon benefitted those displaced by Hurricane Harvey, but this year participants will help stock the shelves of the food bank. The event itself is free, but for each food item donated, participants will receive a raffle ticket for items supplied by the instructors.

It’s just one of the many creative ways the community has shown its generosity, and we applaud all those have had a hand in filling bellies.

• • • • •

Another group working to help others is the New Braunfels Fire Department.

Though by the nature of their work firefighters help people locally every day, this week they are helping in another way through their Fill the Boot campaign.

Fill the Boot benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association each year, and Engineer Chris Stevens explained the money collected helps with research allowing children with muscular dystrophy to go to camp, as well as helping to cover the costs of new medications.

Today is the last day of the campaign, which kicked off Wednesday.

Kudos to the New Braunfels Fire Department and all of those who drop dollars in their boots.

• • • • •

In the wake of the “Surviving Life: Help and Hope for Teens” event held at McKenna Events Center last month to raise awareness of mental health needs, community members have created Lifeguards, a fund for rescuing teens struggling with life’s challenges.

Alice Jewell, CEO of the McKenna Foundation, said the fund is designed to help all students who are dealing with mental health issues who may be just steps away from reaching a crisis.

We give a shout out to the fund’s creators and hope they succeed in their mission.

• • • • •

Finally, we give kudos to all who voted. Almost two-thirds of eligible voters in Comal County cast ballots in the 2018 midterm elections, setting a record with 62,050 making their mark at the polls.

Whether you were one of the 48,483 voters who hit the polls early or you waited until Election Day to cast your ballot, you braved the lines to make a difference. No matter how you voted, we applaud you for being an active part of the democratic process.

Thank you for showing up and doing your part, and kudos to all those who kept the polls running smoothly.

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