As the hubris from our most recent election subsides and politicians, journalists and pundits alike scratch their heads and reflect on the reasons why or why not certain trends emerged and how, on that basis, certain races were won or lost I am reminded of an old saying to the effect that “For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost…For want of a battle the kingdom was lost, and all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

That saying has been around since at least the 13th century and its funny how old truisms pop up and assert themselves at the most opportune moments.  For our purposes I am ready to label third-party voters as being the horseshoe nails of American politics.  A quick look at some numbers should bear me out on this.

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Ron Green

Reference: "“Libertarians also get the votes of people who just would not bother voting if they didn’t have another choice.” That is precisely what I did in 2016. I was prepared to vote for Jeb Bush if he won the nomination. I chose to not vote for the candidate for either major party.

Excellent commentary on your part.

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