We have heard this time and time again. Now everyone who voted for Joe Biden will soon find out what it means. 

If you believe your taxes will not be affected because you make less than $400K a year, wait until the Trump tax cuts get eliminated.

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Jim Sohan

Come on man! Deal with the facts. Trump’s so called tax cut for individuals is already scheduled to expire in 2025. A more plausible scenario is the Republican deficit hawks will suddenly grow a spine again and not support any extension of those benefits because of their impact on the deficit. As for the capitalism vs socialism, it might be worthwhile to do a little reading and studying to learn what socialism really is compared to capitalism so you’ll understand the Democratic Party is not a socialist party. Republicans have attempted to pin this label on Democratic Presidents and the Democratic Party since FDR, and we’ve survived the past almost 90 years without becoming a socialist country. Finally, just because racism, poverty and ignorance hasn’t been eliminated in your lifetime is no excuse to stop trying. Hopefully it won’t take another 71 years, but racism, poverty and ignorance has no place in our society. There are a lot of good people out there still willing to work across the aisle and keep America the greatest country in the world. We just can’t let the stubborn ones set the tone.

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