From recognizing community helpers to helping community organizations do even more good, the last seven days have seen New Braunfelsers pushing to make the city better than ever.


New Braunfels has long been a community where you can see something every day that you never thought you’d even see. 

But even by that standard, a pair of zebras running wild through town on Wednesday afternoon, might just set a new bar for the, “Ok, now I’ve seen everything” crowd. The two majestic striped creatures had escaped a nearby ranch and they then went on to lead New Braunfels Police Department and animal control officers on a chase through the area for a couple of hours — with the media close behind and hovering overhead in television helicopters.

The city employees did a great job of participating in what became a community event online, and in securing one of the zebras safely, although it later died. The other returned of its own accord (and also later died).


Mass shooting events in El Paso, California and Ohio have plenty of people on edge. 

The tragedies have become too commonplace and no American should be comfortable with the idea that murder on such a scale is just a part of life in today’s United States.

And while New Braunfels is a town that loves its festivals and community gatherings, local first responders, school districts and event organizers have stepped up to reassure locals that every precaution is being taken to try and make sure that such tragedies don’t unfold here.

Nothing is certain. Nobody in an El Paso Walmart, a California garlic festival or a bar in Dayton, Ohio went there with the expectation that death would play a part in their day. 

But knowing that officials here are taking proactive steps to prevent it, and are ready to respond if the unthinkable happens, is as close to comfort as one can get in these uncertain times.

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