Jim Skiles

Jim Skiles was always a “TAKE-IT-TO-THE-MAX” kind of guy. He loved social gatherings where he often became the life of the party. Unfortunately, his addictive personality became apparent at a very early age, and a deadly combination of opioids and alcohol ultimately took over his existence. On July 22, 2020, at the age of 68, Jim drew his last breath. He is survived by Debbie, his wife of 45 years, two children and five grandchildren.

Regardless of his struggle with addiction, James was a warm-hearted good person. He was deeply intelligent, always the entertainer, kind, generous and forgiving. He had a lifelong love of aviation and was able to identify anything that happened to fly overhead. An avid competitor, James adored all sports and was forever watching “the game” on TV. In his backyard there was always ample room to throw the football. Inevitably Jim would call only one play: “Go Long.”

Everyone who knew him can acknowledge and admire the maverick spirit in Jim. His reckless abandon to the moment. His eclectic curiosity. He could write a philosophical essay, manage a complex business deal, play trombone and, of course, tell dumb jokes.

So, let the journey to his next destination be filled with Light, Love and Laughter. 

And from the back yard we can faintly hear: 1,2,3, hike!----Go long, Jim, go long!

May he rest in peace.