Sgt. Carl Burton George

Sgt. Carl Burton George, POW, MIA was born on October 9, 1927 in Bowie, Texas to Richard Francis George and Evalen M. (Hachtel) George.

He grew up in Bowie and graduated from Bowie High School.  He was bright, outgoing and had a wonderful personality.  To his parents he was loving and respectful and to his three sisters he was their big brother – their “Hero”.  After graduation in 1945 he went to Houston where he learned the printing business.

In 1946 he was drafted into the Army and was sent to Germany where he served with the Occupation Forces.  He was assigned to the Intelligence Department and served for two years after which he was given an honorable discharge.  Then he signed to the Reserves.

He went back to Houston and went to work in the same printing business where he had worked before.

 Later he bought some property near Galveston and began training to be a telegrapher with the Santa Fe Railroad. 

He had met a girl that he was very interested in and his future looked very bright.

In the summer of 1950 he was called up with the reserves and was sent to Korea.  We received only one or two letters from him and then and then nothing until we were notified that he was missing in action since February 12, 1951. 

Two years later we received notice that December 31, 1953 would be the official date of his death.

Late, after the return of Korean War POWs, investigators seeking to determine the fate of MIA’s determined that Carl had been captured and held in North Korean POW camps in Suan County, North Korea.

In May, 1990, North Korea turned over to a U.S. Congressional delegation 5 boxes containing the remains of U.S. servicemen.  These were sent to the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory for analysis.

In 2008 DNA was given to the Department of the Army by Carl’s sister, Marcella Barilleaux.  Through this DNA a positive identification was made.   In December, 2010 a representative from Ft. Knox, Kentucky brought complete records of all identification processes used to identify our brother.

He has been home with the Lord for many years now, but at last his remains are no longer on foreign soil but at home in the country that he loved and served so well.

Carl’s mother, Evalena M. George, passed away in April, 1972 and his father, Richard F. George, passed away in December, 1989.  Carl is survived by three sisters:  Marcella Barilleaux (husband, Mearl Barilleaux) of New Braunfels, TX and niece, Carla Despault (husband-Henry) of Allen, TX and nephew, Norman Barilleaux (wife, Charlotte) of New Braunfels, TX.: Norma Jean Watson of Wichita Falls, TX and nieces Debra Jean Baker (husband, Tim) of Arlington, TX and Rebecca Morse (husband, Mark) of Frisco, TX:  Cloie M. Gambrell of Edmonds, WA and nephews Carl Burton Woolley of Arlington, WA, Danny Woolley of Seattle, WA and Michael Gambrell of Dallas, Texas.  Graveside services will be conducted on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery with full military honors.

Family has requested  that any memorial contributions be given to Gideon International.