Jack (Jackie) Lee Mitchell passed away on July 26, 2020.  Jackie was born June 19, 1944 in Clackamas county Oregon to Leon H. Mitchell and his wife Frances.  There will be a graveside service in Woodson, Texas where he will be interred near his oldest brother Ronnie Mitchell and his family per his wishes.  Jackie is survived by his brother Terry Mitchell of New Braunfels, his niece Emily Mitchell, Corpus Christi, his stepbrother Bobby Williams and his family, Midland and his close friend and advocate Pam Shelton and her family of New Braunfels.

 Due to an accident at birth causing developmental learning challenges, he lived in various institutions most of his life.  He developed numerous physical challenges later as he aged.  This made his life all the more remarkable because of his constant cheerful, often hilarious demeanor and incredible child-like faith in his lord and savior Jesus Christ.  He lived with family and was surrounded by friends in his last years.  Seeing the ocean for the first time, attending spurs games (he loved sports) fair parades etc. brought him joy.  Other pleasures were church, old westerns, dominoes, Willie Nelson songs, any holiday and Pam’s cooking.  His personality was infectious and caused many to exclaim “he is an angel on earth.”  He often referred to himself as We because, as he explained, Jesus was in his heart.

 There are too many physicians and specialists in the New Braunfels area to mention in this writing that helped Jackie have a good quality of life.  To them and their staff a sincere gratitude for their help.  Now Jackie’s incessant prayer to go to heaven, get a new mind and body and all the ice cream he wants has been received.