NEW BRAUNFELS — Law enforcement authorities boasted Thursday in New Braunfels about taking down a multi-state drug-peddling organization and hauling in 15 dealers and more than half a million dollars in ill-gotten gains.

Authorities are seizing a New Braunfels campground where they say they learned crystal methamphetamine was being sold and investigation of which led to the gang’s capture.

“This is one less criminal organization and group that will not impact our community and family and kids,” said Mauricio Fernandez of the Drug Enforcement Administration. “Because of that we can sleep better at night.”

The drug bust was an 18-month long process involving law enforcers from New Braunfels Police Department, Comal and Guadalupe county sheriff’s offices, the Comal County criminal district attorney’s office, the DEA and others, said Fernandez, DEA special agent in charge of the San Antonio district office. He said agents seized thousands of dollars in cars, cash, drugs, guns and other property in an investigation that stretched from Atlanta, to California and across parts of Texas, including Austin, Dallas, New Braunfels and San Antonio.

Fernandez said the dealers sold crystal meth at Goodtime Campground on River Road with the owner’s knowledge. He said the group pushed about 25 pounds of the drug per month at a wholesale value of about $20,000 per pound.

He said at least one of the suspect’s arrested was linked to La Familia Michoacana, a Mexican drug trafficking organization. With law enforcement agencies cooperating across the nation in this way, Fernandez said, drug dealers are in trouble.

“You cannot hide from us,” he said.

Jennifer Tharp, Comal County district attorney, provided a similar sentiment.

“If there is drug trafficking in this community, we will take a hard stance on it,” she said, adding even if that means calling in federal investigators as was done for the bust announced Thursday.

Fernandez said the suspects, if convicted, face a minimum of 10 years and possibly life in prison. He said seven of the 15 arrests took place in Comal County.

NBPD Chief Tom Wibert said his officers began the investigation. Once they realized the scope of it, they called in help from other agencies.

“Our sleepy little community has drug trafficking just like everywhere else,” Wibert said. “It’s good to have friends.”

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Poe Zlaw

Rockyell, I am still trying to figure out what "ignorate" means. Can you tell me how to spell it so I can look it up?


I love how you are quick witted Poe. You make yourself out to be exactly what we were teasing about, but seriously. I hope that someone is paying attention to the truth about the owner. I don't think that anyone in jail for this is one hundred percent innocent, but that's not what we are ranting about, it's for the actual owner and long time Comal Co residient. She is who is being distroyed while the media and DEA use this to look like their doing something, do they really think they've stopped all the drug dealing but this big bust?? Drugs are everywhere, shoot ask mr poe he is a proud user. haha.
I pray that the whole truth is shown soon, but until then I am standing by the OWNER and GOODTIMES, not the rest

Poe Zlaw

Listen, guys-- I am on your side. I am just like you and your friends; my life has been turned upside down because of these drugs, my kids taken away, my trailer repossessed, and all of my teeth have rotted away.. Instead of fighting and fitting the stupid, uneducated, illiterate stereotype, we need to huddle together and prove to the press we can beat the system even though we are not that smart. So, let's stop fighting and work to get this lady her trailer park back. Let's have a "GOOD TIMES PARK METHAMPHETAMINE RALLY". We can raise money and awareness for the owner of this place so they can go right back to doing business as usual.


HAHAHA.....Rocyell - you're one funny lady....but I agree. I hope that people in this community start to realize what JUDGING OFF WHAT the "MEDIA" shows us, and learning the truth on your own, makes or breaks someone who NEVER DESERVES the outcome given ...I PRAY YOU ALL NEVER ARE TREATED THE WAY the OWNER of GOODTIMES IS BEING TREATED NOW.....God Help you all

michelle smith

Mr. Poe did you mean to come across so ignorate,or did you just randomly start typing


I was intentional. I like to use them as a distraction for those who talk about others without reason or right too. you sure noticed that. RIght on!!!

Poe Zlaw

Ru, I am just curious. Did you mean to put the commas and periods where they are in your sentences or did you just randomly place them all over?


Nice one Poe, your knowledge of meth addiction seems to be personal, oh and nice MUGSHOT hahah you really made yourself look intelligent, without knowing who your even talking about.

Here is the bottom line, those involved are where they are and those who are innocent and helpless victims here need to be stood up for. HOW IS IT THAT NEWS REPORTERS CAN'T RESEARCH LAND DEEDs before prininting their BS, when i takes the average bear 2 mins to look it up. and also as someone who not only will STAND BY THE OWNER AS A FRIEND but PLANS TO CAUSE A SCENE REGARDING HER and HER ALONE's NAME Tarnishment, asks...WHO THE heck DOES ANYONE THINK THEY ARE TO POINT FINGERS at WHAT THEY DONT KNOW THEMSELVES to beTRUE. THEY HAVE RUINED THIS WOMANS LIFE.

SO yeah Poe hahah you should really start your comedy routine up soon. you done with your rehab yet??

michelle smith

My everyone is so quick to cast judgement on others before looking at thier own reflections in the mirror!!!

michelle smith

Its nice to see that Mr, Poe has researched his facts. The owner of this campground whom I am proud to call a dear friend has lived in this community for more 40 plus years, in fact her father help build this place and owned one of the very first if not the first wood mill in New Braunfels, he also owned most of river road. She has lived on river since before it was even paved and her father handed that property down to her!

Another fact nothing has been seized from this campground there has been no weapons or cars money seized there!!!!

I thought we lived in a country where in the judicial system one is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW! This news paper has printed and other media outlets have reported absolut LIES recording this case, this persons reutation and liveliood is ruined!!!! I do se see where the paper has removed the name of the campground and changed a bit of the wording in the story, but its a little late now!!! They did not bother to research a fact or contact the owner for for interview...I am ashamed and appalled at this community!!! I only pray that I can in some small way help my friend be heard and get a little dignity and respect back from this community!!

Funny real Funny Mr. Poe

Poe Zlaw

it is all COMPLEATLY unnecessary.

Poe Zlaw

Rockyell is correct. It isnt like the meth at this campground was everywhere-- the owners may have had a drug problem and shared with their friends every now and then (for a small fee), but most of the time we did the stuff at night when all the other campers were sleeping. It just sucks the press and the cops make it sound like we were all a bunch of bad people when all we did was sit around huddled in the shack giving each other face tattoos whilst peeping out the windows looking for cops and stuff-- it isnt like we were doing anything bad-- we just didnt like the cops because they scared the customers. This guy's life has been ruined, all of our friends have nowhere to hang and find loose women anymore- all because just a few of us met some Mexican guys who had pure smack and we enjoyed it a little more than the other guy. Cops and the press cant mind their own business and we are all paying for it-- They took away my kids, my friends' kids- theyre seizing our trailers and our pit bulls, my awesome 1981 chevy pickup, my tattoo gun. This is an outrage.

michelle smith

I am NOT SAYING THAT AT ALL. I am saying that THE WORDING BY THE PRESS and without them have EVEN BEING TRIED in COURT - they are throwing GASOLINE ON SMALL EMBERS!!! This is not only false info but it has made it seem that the owner knew and assisted in this BUST of Drug pushers and CARTEL!!!! THIS PUTS HER LIFE IN JEOPARDY HER LIFE ITSELF, LIVING WAGES AND NAME are RUINED WHEN THIS WASN'T EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT THEY SAID HAPPENED HERE>.NOT A SLIGHT CHANCE OF CORRECT TRUTH HERE. I HAVE THE UP MOST RESPECT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT BUT IN THIS CASE ....IT IS ON THEIR HANDS !!!!!!!!! I KNOW MYSELF AND AM NEVER GOING TO STOP TIL IT IS RECANTED AND TRUTH BE TOLD - God Willing she'll Get her life back to what it was before this melodrama turned horror film

Sharon O'TOOLE

Great work!! Thank you NBPD and all involved.[beam]


Over the years, I have learned that there is almost always fire when you see smoke. I can't believe that a multi-agency task force CONSPIRED to trump up charges against someone just to take away their property. One agency....maybe. Two agencies.....probably not. Three or more A secret, if it's shared, is no longer a secret and misconduct couldn't be covered up. Rockyell, I admire your loyalty to the owner, you are tacitly accusing ALL law enforement to be dishonest and I just don't believe that's the case.

michelle smith

To understand anything compleatly you have to know and hear and see it for yourselves. This is all a bunch of RANDOM BS, and they've not only lied on these people at the campground but they havent even been to court yet, or DID THEY STOP TO THINK WHAT THEY ARE IMPLYING AND ABOUT WHO.....these lives you're runing are on YOU NBPD AND PRESS......


Rockyell...we are listening...I think we all realize the picture can be painted with many different brushes. If there is any additional information you can share that would be helpful and not detrimental to your friend's case we would be very interested. Case in point the 18 Short-term rental citations that were dismissed in the "interest of justice" by the judge last yes I think we all should recognize that it is not always what it again...we are listening.

michelle smith

The media only tells you what they think you want to hear!!!!!!

michelle smith

I happen to know theowner!!!!!!!! NBPD so desperate they pick on a little old lady!!!!!!!
none of that stuff and weapons has every been at that campground!!!!!! They cant find the crimnals so they hide behind scapegoat!!!!!! BEfore everyone starts slinging judgements look into the facts yourselfs!!!! Love it when people set back in thier little glass houses!!!!!!!!!


Now we have a new park ! We can park our oversize vehicles there. Does it have sewer and water hookups? LOL


Great job NBPD and CCSO and the rest !


Congratulations to all involved - and a hearty pat on the back to our local law enforcement bunch - a very, very good thing about NB!


Rules from the campground, notice what they forgot to say no to! Job well done NBPD & Gang.




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