Body Discovered
By family accounts, David Allen Walker was happy and fun-loving, with a penchant for the game of pool.

NEW BRAUNFELS - David Allen Walker, 16, was found dead in a field by his rural New Braunfels home Sunday.

The cause of death was not immediately apparent. New Braunfels Police Department officers are investigating the Premier High School sophomore's death, said Lt. Michael Penshorn of the New Braunfels Police Department.

"There was nothing that would lead us to believe it would be any specific cause of death," Penshorn said. "Until we get the autopsy and toxicology (results), we can't rule anything out.

"He had last been seen with some friends that lived close by ... the night before," the police spokesman said.

"The father called (the NBPD) the night before. He did not know his son's whereabouts, so as a precaution we entered him as a missing person/runaway," Penshorn said.

David's grandmother, Sally Martin, was puzzled as she recounted the last time she saw her grandson.

"Saturday night before he left to go see friends, he was laughing and cutting up," she said. "That's why we knew there was something wrong (when he didn't come home late Saturday.)"

David had seen his girlfriend that weekend - the girl had baked him cookies, Martin said.

She last saw her grandson at 9 p.m., before he went out.

"We never saw him again," Martin said.

James Walker's voice was ragged with emotion Monday afternoon, his hazel eyes piercing as he declined to talk about the moment when he and his younger son, searching for David, found him dead in a field in the same block as the family's home in the 2700 block of FM 1044.

"I don't want anything to hinder this investigation. I want to know what happened to my son," the elder Walker said.

By family accounts, David Allen Walker was happy and fun-loving, with a penchant for the game of pool. He was reliable, always keeping in touch and letting his folks know where he was.

He was an Austin native and an A student who transferred from Canyon High School to a charter school, Premier, so he could work at his own pace, Martin said, waving a sheaf of blue school reports showing the Duke University Scholar's good grades.

"David was very bright ... He was so proud of his grades - school kept him focused," she said, recalling his interest in an engineering career, and his request for a book about human behavior, "The Bell Curve."

"He read a lot; he was into math and science ... the tragedy is that David had a mind that could have helped the world a great deal," Martin said.

Martin said the family is hoping someone who can help determine how David died will contact the proper authorities.

"I just hope people will help so we can find out what happened ... If they saw anything, even if they think it's not important," she said.

When tragedy strikes so close to home, it can be a community's wake-up call, Martin said.

"New Braunfels isn't a very big town - for a 16-year-old boy to be found dead in the middle of a field, it could happen to their children, too," Martin said.

James Walker agreed.

"Let's not just quit ... let's find out what happened to this boy," he said. "I want to know what happened to my son."

David Allen Walker is also survived by his siblings Seth, 15, and Samantha, 14, and his mother, Catherine Pribilski.

A memorial will be set up in his honor at Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, Martin said.

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