A former state representative was caught in the middle of a custody battle that reportedly turned hostile Tuesday at Comal County Courthouse.

New Braunfels attorney Carter Casteel, who formerly represented District 73 in the state House, told the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung that she is “involved in a grandparent custodial case, and we were taking a deposition. We were proceeding with a civil matter there at the courthouse when all heck broke loose.”

The civil matter involves a paternal grandmother seeking custody of her grandson in a family law case, she said. The father in the case is Mike Reynolds, publisher and editor of the NB Citizen, an alternative publication launched late last year by opponents of the disposable container ban.

After Reynolds was deposed, Casteel said “he kinda lost his temper, threw a microphone and threw some exhibits and then went over to try to get his mother.”

“We’re in a custody battle and emotions are high,” Casteel said.

New Braunfels Police officers and Comal County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called in to diffuse the situation, she said.

The Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction at the county courthouse.

Casteel said she believed a police report was taken and several people gave statements to the authorities. A Comal County Jail spokesman said Reynolds had not been booked, cited or charged as of about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Sheriff Bob Holder, interviewed at Tuesday’s Community Builder Award banquet, said he had only heard something in passing about the alleged incident.

A New Braunfels Police Department spokesman said he had few details about the alleged incident because CCSO would be in charge of any arrest or investigation. But, someone did call NBPD officers to the courthouse Tuesday in reference to some type of a disturbance there, Capt. John McDonald said.

No one was injured, Casteel said, though “somebody might’ve been scared or unnerved.”

No further information was available as of press time.

Casteel served as Comal County judge from 1990-98, and also is a former Comal ISD board member and president.

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Dan Stanfield

It is all the Herald's fault...according to this guy. Life was perfect, until the Herald started publishing....according to this guy. New Braunfels was his castle, until the Herald published facts about his business and life (slow news day, admittedly)...notice how everyone involved -- principally -- in the Can the Ban movement has been or will be in court, jail, or soon to be. Some folks use their fifteen minutes of fame to acquire five to ten years on probation.

Kermit DOERR

Yeah, I just kept thinking about all those kids at home after school and that piece of garbage sitting out there on their parents' driveways.


The one delivered to my house goes straight from the driveway to the recycle bin.

Kermit DOERR

The publisher of the alternative newspaper lost his temper in the courthouse and was charged with assaulting his own mother?? I wish all parents would try to shield their children from the NB Citizen and this publisher's work.

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