NEW BRAUNFELS — Prior felonies dating back almost two decades and her own back-of-the-cop-car chatter earned Shelbie Marrin 40 years in prison Thursday. 

She was charged in Comal County in August 2009 with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (methamphetamine) in an amount greater than 400 grams and possession of a controlled substance (morphine) between 4 and 200 grams, as well as tampering with physical evidence. 

The conversation in the back seat of the detective’s car with co-defendant David Henry Reed, who will be tried in January, got the attention of District Judge Gary Steel. 

“It was quite entertaining. She was trying to get him to say it was all his ... that she just came here and cleans,” said Comal County Chief Felony Prosecutor Sammy McCrary. “She was saying, ‘I’m a habitual ... I can’t go back to prison ... If you say it’s yours ... I’ll bond you out, and we’ll run to Colorado.’”

Marrin also told Reed in the video that she didn’t get a chance to destroy the evidence because he let the police in too fast. 

“There was a conversation between them trying to guess who it is that ratted them out ... was it this one, was it that one,” McCrary said. 

Witnesses in the Marrin case before District Judge Gary Steel included retired Department of Public Safety officer Ronnie Lawson, who was working undercover in Atascosa County when Marrin got her first conviction for possession of a controlled substance in 1993. He testified about buying two ounces of meth from her for $950 an ounce plus $300 for transportation costs. 

He went back to his car to get the money — and brought back his gun and badge to bust her. 

Comal County Sheriff’s Office Detective Tommy Ward testified about intercepting her and a partner, finding them with bolt cutters, locks and about 60 pawn tickets — and two children in the car. 

“She was out stealing with her kids in the car,” McCrary said. 

James Leal of the Narcotics Taskforce also testified about sending the SWAT team in to scope out the Spring Branch trailer Marrin was operating a meth lab out of. 

In 2003, according to testimony, she was arrested selling dope on a street corner in San Antonio.

Marrin was represented by Joe Garcia.

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