(Left to right) Capt. Ed Whitson of the Comal County Sheriff's Office, Marian Whitson and Ronald Zipp of the breakfast Lions Club present Whitson with the Ed Murphy award Tuesday. Whitson, commander of the CCSO patrol officers, won the award for lawman of the year from the club.

NEW BRAUNFELS — Capt. Ed Whitson, of the Comal County Sheriff’s Office, was selected by Breakfast Lions Club as the Ed Murphy Memorial award winner Tuesday morning.

The honor goes to the club’s Lawman of the Year.

The award is named after a former CCSO detective who died in a helicopter crash in 1981 while in pursuit of a robbery suspect in the Startzville area, Lion Ronald Zipp said.

Applications are sent in by law enforcement officers or friends and family, Zipp said.

“We’re blessed to have so many wonderful lawmen in this area,” said Zipp, who had a burglary case at his home solved by Whitson. 

Whitson, who has been involved in law enforcement for 23 years, was described in his submitted application as “a pillar of leadership” and a “servant and mentor to everyone,” Zipp said. In addition, Whitson was honored in 1989 for his work with Alamo Area Narcotics Task Force for helping seize $2.5 million in drugs.

Sheriff Bob Holder echoed what Zipp read to the club shortly after 7 a.m. at Fork & Spoon patio cafe.

“If I had to describe Capt. Whitson, it would be stable. He has a calming effect,” Holder said. “We’re very proud to have him as the commander of our patrol officers. He’s a stabilizing force for all of us.”

The award has been given to lawmen and women for more than 15 years. The honor goes to police, sheriff’s deputies, detectives and Texas Rangers, as long as they work in Comal County.

Lawman of the Year winners receive a plaque and a lifetime membership to the 100 Club of Comal County, a nonprofit that helps the families of public safety workers who have died.

“I was pleasantly surprised when the sheriff said my name had been submitted,” Whitson said. “It’s quite an honor to receive this award.”

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