Clinton Beck

NEW BRAUNFELS — Since word spread that when she was 13 a middle school teacher/coach sent her explicit text messages, the victim said she has experienced humiliation from peers and a constant edgy feeling.

The girl said Monday in a Comal County court that her personality changed, and she lost friends, energy, sleep and her appetite. The victim said she is confused as to why someone in a position of authority betrayed her trust.

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Trent Gaines

@Duke: A hiccup is not knowing something is wrong; being ignorant of the rules/innocent of the consequences. This POS is a predator that puts his own needs in higher regard than being a role model and mentor to our fragile and innocent youth. Your defense of this animal shows you likely advocate this type of behavior-I wonder why that is?


Joe Paterno didn't report the "hiccup" he only witnessed, and it ended his 61-year career in shame.

From being nominated for the Medal Of Freedom to being fired in a few short days.


"Beck, as long as he keeps his nose clean, will spend the prison term out on probation" Why add this part? It makes me think that you believe he is also a drug addict. I know Clinton and I know he isn't a drug addict. In High School he worked hard on the football team, made good grades and stayed out of trouble. He had a lack in judgement with a student and made a mistake. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life, and he will get constant reminders of it I'm sure. I'm glad he doesn't have to register as an offender, because this isn't a crime worthy of that. You as a journalist should just state the facts about the case. Instead of saying "as long as he keeps his nose clean" just say, as long as Beck meets with his probation officer, stays out of trouble and becomes stays a member of society, he will complete his terms. Don't give people more reason to hate this guy. He is really a good person despite this hiccup.


“Mr. Beck is 27 and a life-long career educator...”

I think that's a bit of hyperbole. Most teachers don't graduate from college til around age 22. 5 years does not a lifetime make.

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