NEW BRAUNFELS - Police on foot and a helicopter in the air were searching desperately for a 3-year-old boy named Isaac reported missing at 8:44 p.m. The boy had been playing outside near the Vista Del Sol Apartments off I-35 behind Valmark Chevrolet, said New Braunfels Police Department spokesperson Mike Penshorn.

He was playing for approximately 45 minutes when his mother went out to check on him and he was gone, Penshorn said. Police conducted the search with the help of an Air Life helicopter and by going door to door.

A Reverse 9-1-1 call went out to a one-mile radius of the apartment complex, alerting 1,767 residents that the boy was missing. Police were preparing to put out an Amber Alert on the boy. Fourteen police personnel and three New Braunfels Fire units responded to the scene.

"It's a possible abduction by a stranger, but we don't know," Penshorn said moments before the boy was found.

During a third sweep of the complex, police located the child playing with another child at a neighbor's apartment at 10:25 p.m. There was previously no answer at that apartment.

The boy was united with his parents.

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I have to agree with the comments here. My first thought on reading this article was why was a 3 year old out playing, unsupervised, at 9 pm. I've got a boy that's almost 5. He never goes to the park alone even though it's 200 feet from my back porch. And, he's in bed before 8 every night. Why didn't the mother check on the child more often than 45 minutes, and why didn't the neighbors check with the mother before they allowed the child into their home. The DFPS should be contacted.


Has anyone seen these Apartments? Talk about ghetto! Arguably the scariest complex in Nuevo Braunfels

joe smith

How do you let a 3 year old play outside alone for that long? I know parents have their different standards (even good ones), but come on!


Thankful the child was found safe but WHY was a 3 year old left alone for 5 minutes let alone 45? And WHY is a not odd that someone else has a 3 year old playing their home at nearly 11:00 pm without having talked to the parents of the child! I hope the parent has learned a lesson.

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