New Braunfels Trump Train members met in support of President Trump at the Main Plaza on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. The group gathered to protest the congressional count of Electoral College votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

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Emily Kellar

Waiting to hear more about the aforementioned 30+ identities of local domestic terrorists who took part in the attack on the capitol.

Jim Smith

That big "Q" says all we need to know about these Trump Terrorists pretending to be "Patriots". Shame on you Zeitung, you also have blood on your hands. Terrorist supporting rag.

Quincy Adams

Jim, I understand your outrage but you are shooting the messenger. The paper is doing the locals around here a huge public service.

It is important for people to realize this cult is in our own backyard. They have been misled by Trump and his enablers lying about the election results. More of his supporters are seeing what an evil person Trump really is. That is a good thing for our country.

James Reigle

I hear you Quincy but I am not simply shooting the messenger. This paper continues to bend over backward to legitimize these extremists by giving them a platform to paint themselves in a normal light. I would feel more comfortable if they stopped writing puff pieces and really started holding them responsible for the way they terrorize this town. Enough is enough.

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