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New Braunfels administrators are finally all moved into their new administration buildings and are getting ready for their official grand opening. 

The two new buildings at 1000 Walnut Street cost the district about $6.8 million from their regular budget and will help NBISD as the district continues to grow and needs more staff, said Rebecca Villarreal, director of communications for the district. 

“We’re very excited to be moved in,” Villarreal said. “As the district grows, our staff also is growing and we built these new offices with that goal in mind.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony and open house of the building will take place Monday, Dec. 9 at 5 p.m. 

The old building will be kept by NBISD, a question many parents and family members of students have asked, Villarreal said.

“The NBISD Education Center, constructed in 1914, will remain operational as a training and meeting facility for NBISD,” she said.

The two new buildings were developed by Stanec Architectural Inc., which did a master planning assessment of the administrative programs, staffing objectives both present and future, and a comprehensive master concept for the growth of the district.

Design of the administration facilities started in fall of 2017 and the construction began in the summer of 2018. 

Entering the main foyer beyond two flagpoles and five pillars, visitors to the primary building enter a marble foyer with a well-lit front desk. To the right of the desk is a television, flashing different announcements across its screen.

Beyond the front desk is a glass wall, allowing visitors to see the entry foyer for the new meeting room for the board of trustees. This was designed to allow folks to wait outside or even pose for a photo if attending the meeting for recognition or an award, Villarreal said.

The blue and gray carpet of the board meeting room is calming as one walks into the room, where an elevated seating area allows board members to overlok the audience. 

In this building are the athletics offices, student services offices, business offices and superintendent’s office. A break area on the second floor overlooks the entry foyer, and a half-floor between the first and second floors allows personnel a safe place to keep private records.

A courtyard between the two buildings offers workers picnic tables with outlets for anyone who wants to enjoy the sunshine and get some work done. Crossing over into the second building, with a staunch white frame, Villarreal scans her security badge before being granted access inside.

“So these are the communications offices to the left, and the special education offices here to the right,” Villarreal said, leading the way. 

In this building is also the technology administration offices and IT offices.

“At full build out in the near future, we expect about 20,000 kids,” said Randy Moczygemba, NBISD superintendent. “We had to plan space for what needs we will have at full build out.”

The new buildings will be able to house NBISD’s administration for the foreseeable future, Villarreal said. 

“We now have plenty of room for new positions and new employees,” she said. 

For more information about NBISD, visit http://nbisd.org

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